Residence Villa Regina Amelia in Umbria: a guide to events, festivals, exhibitions, concerts and all the events for Summer August 2014

All events offered by Villa Regina Residence in Umbria, from 1 to 31 August 2014 in the area between the hills of Amelia Amerini, the discovery of folklore, festivals of local produce and live music concerts.

Palio dei Colombi 2014

From Thursday, July 24, 2014 to Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Palio of pigeons is an event that takes place in Amelia in the old center of the village in Umbria. During the days of the event calendar is full of appointments. Theatrical performances, medieval-style taverns, pageants with period costumes parades, re-enactments of events in beautiful environments and in the end the Palio dei Colombi, at the public gardens within walking distance from Villa Regina Umbria.

Collicello festival and taverns.

From 24 July to 2 August, Collicello 10 km from Villa Regina Umbria

Sagra della Polenta alla carbonara and the wild boar.

A new appointment with the festival in Umbria Collicello quaint village still retains the original appearance of the medieval castle from which it derives.
The countryside is dotted with the houses below the "countryside" (some of which turned into palatial residences). The wealth of Collicello is in the woods that surround it and which extend almost to wrap the village and guarding immense riches. Mushrooms, firewood, game, asparagus, herbs. Colcellesi I know how to take advantage of everything they offer the green hills.
3rd Festival of fava cottora

Slow food of one of the typical products of Amerini Hills, it is a vaietà particular legume, the size smaller dates from the conditions of the soil in which it grows, is a food that has a particular digestibility due also to the type of fast cooking date its properties. Matryoshka event within the typical Umbrian Sagra della Polenta alla carbonara and wild boar in Collicello
Osteria del Brillo

L'Osteria del Brillo Collicello (Umbria), free music festival that has life together with the historical celebration of the country, and strong growth in its third year of live proposals for the next edition to be held from July 24 to August 2,

Avigliano Umbro in a party and festival tavern.

From August 2 to 17, Avigliano Umbro 15 km from Villa Regina Umbria

And 'arrival in the 39th edition of the Festival of Manfricolo which is characterized precisely by the inimitable "manfricoli" in three varieties Red, White and "Zozzona" gustabili the Tavern open for the occasion, events and dancing in the Piazza Town Hall and not only; 3 days dell'Expolabor local craft shows, the III edition of the Notte Bianca, the Osteria del Cicchio great music folk / ska / reggae / rock / populare


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